Workshops & Teachings

Workshops & Teachings

 The Collective Intelligence of Sound in the Healing Arts

Expressive Art, Voice, and Inner Wisdom

 with John Beaulieu and Silvia Nakkach


A BioSonic Sound Healing With Tuning Forks Invitation Only Class

at Dr. John Beaulieu’s home in Stone Ridge New York


Fri. Sept 8th 6PM  10PM

Sat. Sept 9th 9AM -12:30PM 2:30PM -5:30PM

            Concert 8PM – 10PM

Sun. Sept 10th 9AM -12:30PM 1:30PM -4PM


Cost: $600 (includes Saturday Evening Concert)

To enroll e mail or call 800-925-0159 in USA or 845-687-6031   


This class is a sound journey into the collective consciousness of vibratory space using voice, tuning forks, and sound healing instruments. We will focus on how to create an environment that supports group sound healing journeys based on continuing mindful listening and intuitive sound response. Special emphasis will be given to learning and using special creative processes to heal and improve all aspects of daily living. We will also learn and explore medicine melodies, and ancient modal sounds through voice and tuning forks. Topics will include:

 Tuning Your Nervous System: Sound Healing With Tuning Forks

Freeing your Voice

A Saturday Evening Concert with Silvia, John, and friends.

Sound Healing, Science, and Creative Expression

The Collective Intelligence of Sound Improvisation (How to give Sound Healing Concerts)

Medicine Melodies and Modal Tuning Forks

Five Element Sound, Music, and Movement every morning with Thea Keats Beaulieu


This class is a special opportunity to study two Sound Healing pioneers in the relaxed atmosphere of Dr. Beaulieu’s home in Stone Ridge, NY in an open classroom surrounded by nature. All Stone Ridge classes teach the basics of sound healing and tuning forks through a Montessori approach to learning in which all students from beginning to advanced help each other. This weekend will also include cognitive and spiritual insights from Nakkach’s Yoga of the Voice international certificate training. 


The Yoga of Sound and Voice Labor Day Weekend Symposium 

Held at Sivananda Yoga Ranch in upstate N.Y. 

Friday, September 1 - Sunday, September 3, 2017

 with John Beaulieu, Silvia Nakkach & Swami Dharmananda


The Yoga of Sound and Voice Bahamas

January 30 — February 5, 2018

Sivananda Yoga Ashram Paradise Island, Bahamas 

John Beaulieu and Silvia Nakkach



Energy Medicine Certification Working with Polarity, the Elements, and the Stars Bahamas

February 5 — 10, 2018

Sivananda Yoga Ashram Paradise Island, Bahamas

Andreas Ledermann, John Beaulieu, and Brigitta Raimann