Tuning Forks Solar Harmonic Tuners, Solar-Fibonacci Upgrade, Fibonacci Set and Solfeggio Set

Solar Harmonic Tuners, Solar-Fibonacci Upgrade, Fibonacci Set and Solfeggio Set


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Solar Harmonic Spectrum (Set of 8)

 With this set of eight tuners, you achieve fast, instantaneous relaxation as well as develop and refine your sonic abilities. The Solar Harmonic Spectrum helps you re-proportions your body through a process of cellular memory based on the natural ratios of the tuning forks.

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Solar Harmonic Spectrum Upgrade (Set of 6, no C & G)

If you already have a BodyTuner set of C and G you can upgrade to a full Solar Harmonic Spectrum set.

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Solar Harmonic-Fibonacci Upgrade (Set of 4)

Open gateways into alternate realities and to explore higher states of consciousness in order to empower a creative healing response. The Solar-Fibonacci-Upgrade allows you to use the C256 (1/1), C512 (1/2), G384 (2/3) and A426.7 (3/5) from your Solar Harmonic set of 8 as the first four Fibonacci tuning forks because of the they are equivalent. The Solar Harmonic-Fibonacci Upgrade contains the last 4 Fibonacci Tuning forks 5/8, 8/13, 13/21 and 21/34 to make a complete Fibonacci set. By purchasing this set, if you alraedy have the Solar Harmonic set of 8 you will also have a complete Fibonacci set of 8.

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Fibonacci Set (set of 8)
The Fibonacci Tuners are new sound tools that work with balancing the nervous system and bring about altered states of consciousness to increase your creativity and help in healing trauma and addictions.
These tuning forks create intervals working with the areas of dreams, tuning into inner guidance, dealing with grief and loss , healing trauma , and working with addictions.
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Solfeggio (Set of 6)
Where does the term Solfeggio come from?

Today Solfeggio is a singing technique used to teach music students how to recognize musical intervals. We are all familiar with the Solfeggio scale either from singing it in elementary school music class or from popular songs like “Do Re Me” from the Sound of Music.

CDEFGAB Do Re Mi Fa So, La Si

The Christian roots of Solfeggio go back to a Gregorian Chant titled The Hymm to St. John the Babtist written by Paul the Deacon in the 8th Century A.D.. The hymm contains the original Do Re Mi although in the those days it was Ut Re Mi. Ut was changed to “Do” in the 1600’s and the change from Sa to Si is lost to antiquity.

The Solfeggio (set of 6) include : the 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz and 852 Hz tuning forks.

UT – 396 Hz
RE – 417 Hz
MI – 528 Hz
FA – 639 Hz
SOL – 741 Hz
LA – 852 Hz

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